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Impossible Project I-1 Review

Posted by Lauren Franklin on

There has definitely been a resurgence of analog equipment in recent years. As a fan of film photography, I’ve had a love hate relationship with digital photography for a long time. However, Impossible’s I-1 is a beautiful blend of both analog techniques and digital functionality. This is a solid camera that produces analog results but is modernized for a more digitally focused lifestyle.

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Sony MDR-100AAP Review

Posted by Corey Colligan on

I’d like to start off by saying I’m not the biggest fan of the Sony’s headphone line. I do, however, have a strong interest for entry level headphones from about $200 to $300, which I feel Sony has spearheaded to much success with their h.ear on headphones.

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Jaybird X2 Review

Posted by Alex Sanchez on

It’s been 3 years since the Jaybirds released their first wireless earbuds known as the Bluebuds. So it was only fitting that they refreshed their product. The X2s kept most the same aesthetic features of the first model, but received a complete overhaul on the internals including a better battery life. EXPECTATIONS First off I'd like to start off by saying I came in with low expectations for the Jaybird's, as I tend to dislike both earbuds and bluetooth devices. I'm not a fan of most earbuds, I find them uncomfortable and hard to find a pair that will stay in my ear and sound good. That being said I think the X2s are incredibly good earbuds for the retail...

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Master & Dynamic MW60 Headphones Review

Posted by David Auerbach on

Right out of the box without any software EQ adjustments, they sound incredible. By listening to music through a pair of self-amplified headphones, you're using the equivalent of a pair of studio monitors that have had their drivers, case, amplifier, and factory EQ tuned together by the engineers.  This goes a long way in making them sound fantastic.

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Teenage Engineering's OP-1

Posted by Dijital Fix Buyer on

Become A One Man Band With Teenage Engineering’s OP-1 It doesn’t happen all the time but gadgets do live up to the hype. First seen in the Swedish House Mafia’s music video for their 2010 song “One”, the OP-1 was finally released in late 2011. The portable music workstation developed by Stockholm-based Teenage Engineering is an integrated gadget. It is a synthesizer, sampler, sequencer, multi-track recorder, drum machine, mixer, and controller; all in one. If you’ve always been interested in making music, the OP-1 is an easy and fun way to start. Looks like a toy, constructed like a pro With its construction and color-coded controls, it’s difficult not to think of the device as a toy. The OP-1’s fixed-velocity...

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Bit Play’s SNAP! Pro

Posted by Alexis Mitsuhashi on

The SNAP! Pro is the newest iPhone photography case from Chinese company bitplay Inc. Their previous cases include the SNAP! 6 and SNAP! 5, and there are numerous concept projects to view on their website. I took the Pro case on a trip with me to Napa and Sonoma, California. UPCOMING RELEASE The Pro case was successfully funded on Kickstarter on September 29th of this year with shipments for early supporters being sent out on Halloween. Physical specs and email sign-up for the release date can be found here. The case is tripod-compatible, comes in both black and white, and works in conjunction with the free app by bitplay available on the App Store. Product photos indicate that the SNAP!...

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