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Jaybird X2 Review

Posted by Alex Sanchez on

It’s been 3 years since the Jaybirds released their first wireless earbuds known as the Bluebuds. So it was only fitting that they refreshed their product. The X2s kept most the same aesthetic features of the first model, but received a complete overhaul on the internals including a better battery life.


First off I'd like to start off by saying I came in with low expectations for the Jaybird's, as I tend to dislike both earbuds and bluetooth devices. I'm not a fan of most earbuds, I find them uncomfortable and hard to find a pair that will stay in my ear and sound good. That being said I think the X2s are incredibly good earbuds for the retail price of $149.


Right out of the box the Jaybird's feel light, as any active earbud should feel. They are made from of a soft touch matte plastic sporting a little chrome Jaybird logo on the outside. Inside you will find 2 sets of earbud tips ranging from small to large. Also included are 3 pairs of their patented ear fins. These fins are a cool addition to the earbud, they are made from a soft silicone material and help the earbud stay in your ear while running.


The X2s come in 6 colors, but we stock the more digestible white and black, which they’ve named Midnight and Storm.


The jay birds have a very balanced signature, with a slight emphasis on the low to mid frequencies.


While walking around the city the X2s did an amazing job at drowning about 80% of the outside sound. While the earbuds might stick out a little bit I didn't receive any awkward stares like I usually do while wearing my over the ear headphones. They fit remarkably well with the help of the fins. I tried both the medium and small fins and found both to be just as comfortable on my ears. I wore these earbuds for 3 hours straight (I could have easily wore these until the battery died) without any feeling of fatigue or nuisance.


The connectivity on these earbuds is fast and easy. You simply hold the middle button on the remote until the led indicator on the side of the earbuds begin to flash red and green.


I managed to walk around 13 feet without the connection dropping or hearing any static.


The earbuds have a slight lag like any other bluetooth device. It its very hard to tell when paired to your phone, I paired it to Traktor on my 2013 Macbook Pro and could only get the lag down to 19.3 milliseconds which still isn't a huge difference but something to consider if you plan on using these for any mixing.


These pair of earbuds have a small micro usb that is used for charging located behind the logo on the right earbud. They fully charge in 2.5 hours and boast a battery life of 8 hours. When connected to IOS devices they display a battery status on the iPhone's on top right corner of the screen, leaving the battery life just a glance away, such a handy feature!

Build Quality

The X2s feel really durable in your hand. Since they are made of mostly plastic you can drop these without fear or breaking them.

  • Sound great
  • Light
  • Sweat proof/ water resistant
  • 8 hour battery life
  • Built in remote
  • Under $200
  • A little big
  • Not the cleanest design
  • Still have a chord attaching both earbuds
  • Sound Quality: 8
  • Build Quality: 8
  • Fit: 8
  • Battery Life: 8