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😿 Dijital Fix is Closing 😿

Peace Out

July will be our final month. We've learned a lot over the years and had a ton of fun with it but the retail landscape has changed drastically since we started in 2006 and is certainly a factor in this decision, but not the only one…

10 years is a long time for anything. Making it this far is a miracle, having started the business on a true shoestring budget that I can’t even comprehend today. We survived through the 2008 recession when we were just getting started. Stores on both coasts. It was a dream to build it to this point, but I’m ready to move onto the next thing.

Dijital Fix was not just my own, but the collective energy of everyone who has worked here, showcased their products here over the years, as well as the hundreds of thousands of customers that supported us throughout the past decade. I can’t claim 100% ownership of what it is now, so a huge thanks to everyone who helped make it what it is today.

I’m saddened by the thought of it shutting down, but with costs rising and retail revenues decreasing, it’s time to say goodbye. Mostly, I’m just looking forward to new challenges and experiences in what comes next.

Our clearance sale starts July 14th. Discount is taken at checkout with the following discount code:

  • 15% off starting July 14th: GOODBYE15

Thank you to everyone who has been involved or supported us in the past decade, it has been quite an adventure!