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22 tu: tu: Hybrid Tube Amplifier

Koichi Futatsumata 22 tu: tu: Hybrid Tube Amplifier



Tube amplifiers are the new wave of audio with warm, natural sound that's smoothly rounded. The 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier has two input terminals (Phone In and Line In) so you can enjoy the pleasure of mixing two sound sources. It has a 3.5mm mini jack for compatibility with your favorite devices (iPhone, etc) and has the charm of vintage models with contemporary heat-resistant composition for long and continued use.

Please note: the 22 Hybrid Tube Amplifier requires speakers to be functional.

  • Mini jack for devices like an iPhone (3.5mm connectivity)
  • Input 2: RCA jack
  • Vacuum tube: 6SN7GT x 2pcs (electroharmonix)
  • Maximum output: 12W + 12W (@6-8ohm of impedance)
  • Output terminal: Gold-plated binding terminal (Banana plug)
  • Frequency response: 15Hz to 30kHz
  • Supply voltage: Amplifier: 15V DC
  • AC adapter: 100-240V AC
  • Power requirements: In maximum output: 42W