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Digital Prestige Watch

Braun Digital Prestige Watch




The Braun Prestige digital watch features a modern LCD screen in a thick steel case. A push-button toggle wheel adjusts operations and settings. Scratch resistant. Adjustable rubber wristband. The outstanding design concept of the Braun Prestige digital watch received four if product awards from the jury of leading international design experts in 2012. The state of the art technology is reflected in its cutting edge design, encapsulating Braun's core values of functionality, quality and aesthetics. Braun watches and clocks were awarded a total of six prestigious if awards and two acclaimed gold if awards at the annual ceremony in Munich on 9th February 2012. The if design award was established in 1953 and is one of the most highly sought after awards for design excellence. Braun is world renowned for its characteristic, style-defining form language.

  • Updatable software
  • Scratch-resistant mineral glass
  • EasySkroll® V2.0 operating system
  • LED backlight
  • Power-saving motion sensor
  • Chronograph & Countdown
  • Perpetual calendar (100 years).