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E780 Male Shirt

Freitag E780 Male Shirt




The bast fiber shirt produced in Europe. Suitable for any shift.

Product Details:

– Chest pockets, selvage worked into the placket and a yoke made of lining material
– Made from FREITAG's specially developed Chambray material using sustainably produced bast fibers (77% linen and 23% true hemp)
– Woven in a classic linen weave with colored warp yarn and naturally colored weft yarn
– 100 % biodegradable
– Natural ivory nut buttons
– Moisture and thermo-regulating, antibacterial and anti-synthetic fibers
– Grown and produced in Europe, designed and tested at the FREITAG Factory

Photo Credit: Oliver Nanzig

1/2 Chest Length Sleeve Length Collar Size
S 20" 27.5" 25.5" 16.5"
M 21" 28" 26" 17"
L 22" 29" 26.5" 18"