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Freitag F703 Sennheiser x Freitag Limited Edition


Freitag F703 Sennheiser x Freitag Limited Edition



A Sennheiser URBANITE headset, individualized with a piece of recycled truck tarp in a rugged FREITAG case made from the same tarp. – The first unique headset: from above they all look different. – On-Ear headphones with a powerful bass and absolute clarity across all frequencies – Super-soft ear pads insulate you from ambient noise to maximize musical enjoyment, no matter how long you listen – Foldable, flexible and robust thanks to stainless-steel hinges and aluminum sliders – Perfect for all ear shapes and sizes – Detachable cable with integrated three-button remote control and microphone – Plain, recycled truck tarps on the headband, some cases with designs.

Please inquire about available styles before purchasing.