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Grado GS1000 Statement Series Headphones

Grado Grado GS1000 Statement Series Headphones



The GS1000 was shown for the very first time at the International Head-Fi Convention in New York City. The response was just phenomenal. The Grado Statement GS1000 had been on the drawing board for sometime, Grado stated that this is their finest effort to date. This new headphone incorporates a redesigned driver, a new and larger wooden housing and much larger foam cushions that are extremely comfortable. The new cushion design actually creates a “room” for the ears to sit, creating a larger soundstage and greater spatial experience for the listener. With this new cushion design, the GS1000 is one of, if not the most comfortable headphone on the market today. The newly designed driver delivers a top to bottom sound that is extremely balanced. The mass distribution within the new larger wooden housing has also been improved. The way the new driver and wooden housing work together to move air and react to sound vibrations are less affected by transient distortions. The new GS1000 will provide improved control over the upper and lower frequency spectrums, while better supporting Grado’s world-renowned midrange. The GS1000 retains a sound that is pure Grado, rich full-bodied vocals, excellent dynamics and an ultra smooth top end. The presentation is very detailed, the bass is deep and the music is very tight and non-fatiguing. All with a soundstage that is huge, allowing for unbelievable separation and layering of the music, which is simply stunning. Listen and enjoy!
  • Vented diaphragm
  • Wooden air chamber
  • UHPLC copper voice coil wire
  • UHPLC copper connecting cord
  • Transducer Type: Dynamic
  • Operating Principle: Open Air
  • Frequency Response: 8Hz-35KHz
  • SPL 1mV: 98
  • Normal Impedance: 32ohms
  • Driver Matched dB: .05