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Kill Screen Vol. 10

Kill Screen Vol. 10

Kill Screen Magazine Kill Screen Vol. 10



Inside you'll find features on Vlambeer's globetrotting Rami Ismail, gay sex game designer Robert Yang, and more, as well as a field guide to appreciating modern pixel art, a deep dive into the player-game relationship, and an extensive reevaluation of the much-maligned Wii Music.

Also: the definitive ranking of videogame dogs, the legacy of Lisa Frank, and a look at Gaspar Noe's cinema of excess.

Written by: Alexander Kriss, Caty McCarthy, Chet Betz, Chris Breault, Colin McGowan, Darran Anderson, David Rudin, Farah Rishi, Gareth Damian Martin, Jason Johnson, Jon Irwin, Josh Calixto, Reid McCarter

Photography by: David McDowell

Art by: Christopher Black, Judy Lee, Julie Yeo, kyttenjanae, Ollie Hoff

Art direction by: Justin Kielbasa