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Los Boludos Vacuum Tube Figurine

Ramiro Cairo Los Boludos Vacuum Tube Figurine



Los Boludos are unique characters made of original vacuum tubes from old black and white television sets.

In their story "The Outcasts of the Technological World", Los Boludos lay dormant in the bowels of an old TV that was last switched off in the year 1980; having reawakened, they are determined to find out just where it is they belong. Los Boludos are among us and have come to stay.

Ramiro Cairo is the designer and creator of Los Boludos. He works as an artist and musician in San Francisco, California. Previously he lived in Brooklyn, New York and London, England. He was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1971, where he grew up, studied, and worked until 2011.

* There may be color variations to each unique character*