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Marshall Major II Headphones - Black/Steel

Marshall Marshall Major II Headphones - Black/Steel



The Major headphones from Marshall, the iconic amplifier company, bring the classic looks and sound quality of Marshall guitar amps to a compact and portable design. The headphones have moving coil dynamic speakers to deliver high-quality audio with a wide frequency response. With bright, full-bodied highs & mids, guitar-driven rock and pop music is specifically brought to life by this unique design. The same textured vinyl found on Marshall amps can be found on the outer earcups, giving the Major's an authentic look. The headphones also have a collapsible design that's foldable for easy storage and transportation. An adjustable padded headband and soft on-ear cushions provide lasting comfort while the closed-back design blocks out unwanted ambient noise. The coiled cable provides an adjustable amount of slack and references vintage-style guitar cables. Extension cable and 6.3 MM adapter included.