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C.24 Bluetooth iPad Music Keyboard

Miselu C.24 Bluetooth iPad Music Keyboard



The C.24 is a wireless MIDI keyboard designed for Android, Apple iOS and OS X devices. The keyboard folds flat, magnetically securing to the iPad and functioning as a cover. The C.24 with iPad easily fits in your bag, making it easy to take everywhere you go. When you are ready to play, simply press the button to extend the keys and place the iPad in the performance groove.

The C.24 employs several technologies new to music keyboards. Anti-polarity magnets are used to create the semi-weighted action of the keyboard. Each key press is sensed by an infrared emitter/detector pair providing real time analog position data. This optical key tracking technology delivers MIDI note on/off, velocity and aftertouch. Optical finger swiping is used to change the keyboard’s octave range and provide sustain.

Product Details:
  • 24 semi-weighted keys
  • velocity sensitive
  • monophonic, polyphonic aftertouch
  • Octave shift optical detector
  • Sustain optical detector
  • Wireless connection via Bluetooth Low Energy
  • Hardware expansion module slot (supports Miselu T.10 and future modules)
  • Charging via standard micro-USB connector
    Included accessories
    • micro-USB cable
    • Rechargeable lithium ion battery (20 hour playing time)
    • USB-MIDI support via included USB cable
    System Requirements
    • Apple iOS 7.0 or newer
    • iOS and OS X Applications must support CoreMIDI
    • Apple OS X 10.8 or newer for USB-MIDI support, 10.10 or newer to support BLE
    • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connection requires iPad 3, iPad 4 or iPad mini, or Mac with BLE support
    • iPad 2 compatible via USB connection (requires Apple’s Camera Connection Kit)