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Polaroid Spectra First Edition Camera

Polaroid Spectra First Edition Camera

IMPOSSIBLE Polaroid Spectra First Edition Camera



The Polaroid Image/Spectra Full Switch camera is an especially unique instant camera that is ideal for both experienced and novice instant photographers – especially those looking for a format that’s easy to experiment with. Released in 1986, the Image/Spectra uses a ''cinematic’ rectangular film that’s wider than standard 600 (9.2 x 7.3 cm versus 7.9 x 7.9 cm). The Image/Spectra Full Switch comes with built-in electronic automatic focus and flash as standard, and digital readings through the viewfinder to help you compose the perfect photo. The rear control panel allows exposure control and compensation; flash, AutoFocus and sound override; self-timer and a feet or meters distance selector. Comes fitted with a new Impossible frog tongue to protect your photos as they exit the camera. Refurbished at our workshops in Enschede, the Netherlands, or Brooklyn, USA. Comes with a one year warranty.