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Titanium Pen

Schon DSGN

Titanium Pen



Made from domestically sourced Grade 5 centerless ground Titanium, the Titanium pen is the newest addition to the Schon DSGN collection.  Manufactured in small batches right outside of Boston MA, the Titanium Pen is a 100% USA made product. Each Titanium pen is polished by hand using a 3 step process in the Schon DSGN studio. 

The pen features a hard gold plated setscrew to further separate this pen from the other pens in the Schon DSGN collection.  

Pictured to the right of the high polished aluminum, the Titanium option is more raw and darker in color.

Pens come packaged in protective cardboard tubes, these tubes are also manufactured in the USA.


– 1/2” Diameter, 4” closed, 53/4” open
– Set Screw and Pen manufactured in Massachusetts
– Pressurized space pen ink cartidge from Fisher (model PR4) made in Boulder City, Nevada
– Weight: 1.8 oz.