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Ziggi LED Table Lamp

Studio Cheha

Ziggi LED Table Lamp



The Ziggi LED Table Lamp boasts a perplexing and alluring design, made to look multidimensional. Its unique construction deceives the eye into thinking that there is a shade, where in reality the lamp is two-dimensional. Ziggi's wooden base contains an LED module, on top of which resides a laser-etched acrylic plate that guides the light through its contours.

Perfect for modern living rooms and bedrooms, home offices and compact spaces, such as desks, book shelves, and anywhere decorative diffused illumination is desired. The decorative element never gets hot, so the fixture is safe for any application.

  • Materials: iron base, plywood birch, acrylic glass, LED, white cord + dimmer
  • Product Size: 23 X 15 cm
  • base diameter: 15cm, H42 cm, W22 cm
  • Power: 100-240V
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty