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Issue 4: AD HOC

Synonym Journal Issue 4: AD HOC



This issue of Synonym journal addresses ideas about specificity and purpose, functional beauty, personal significance, and observational art


  • an interview with leonard koren on beauty, use, and building a body of work for an intentionally-led life
  • a conversation about the choices of chefs; a conversation about composing music for specific situations
  • photo stories on travel wardrobes / city gardens / meaningful architecture
  • an instructional guide for creating functional objects
  • art inspired by car wrecks;
  • collages inspired by women’s magazines
  • situational lists, charts, and questionnaires that mix everyday observations with bigger ideas about our behaviors and preferences.

Contributors include: Jesse Kamm Claire Cottrell Jordan Sullivan Brad Barry Hamish Robertson Alice Willett Clement Pascal Ashley Helvey Andi Teran Loren Crosier Suzanna Zak Stella Berkofsky and others