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Wallet Case for iPhone

Distil Union Wallet Case for iPhone



Do you pop off your case to hide a card or cash underneath – but are tired of the hassle? Or maybe you bought a wallet/case thingy – but are finding it too cumbersome and bulky? Meet Wally Case, the discreet leather-wallet case for iPhone 6 and 6s. Simply snap on Wally Case to say goodbye to your bulky wallet and experience Wally's unique, designerly twist:

  • Holds up to 4 cards – without looking like a wallet
  • Secret Pull-tab action reveals your hidden contents
  • Protective Bumper absorbs shock and improves grip
  • Handsome Low-profile case with genuine leather

Wally Case is the solution you've been looking for in an iPhone wallet case. Wally elegantly combines your wallet and iPhone case in a minimal, patent-pending design. He's a snap-on case with a twist: The integrated leather pocket secretly holds your must-have items right on the back of your iPhone. Carry your ID, credit and debit card, metro card, business card, even folded cash – up to 4 cards (or even more business cards).

What makes Wally better than what's out there? Beyond the genuine leather and soft-touch rubberized finish, the magic is that your stash stays hidden out of sight until you pull on the ribbon. Wally Case is the best case for protecting your iPhone 6 or 6s while minimizing your everyday carry.