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Black Brassing Sketch Pencil

Y Studio Black Brassing Sketch Pencil



Brassing is an effect famous from the best vintage cameras whereas the black paint wears away with time from the brass top plate and the brass underneath slowly becomes evident.

ystudio has created the Brassing collection as an homage to beautifully weathered cameras by coating solid brass objects with the same specialized black paint used on the wold’s best cameras. This allows the user to create a unique and personalized brassing effect of their own either in the traditional manner with time and use, or to accelerate this process, with fine sanding paper, provided in the product’s package.

A sketching pencil in solid brass covered with specialized black paint. The thicker lead is perfect for drawing, shading, and sketching.

  • Lead Size: 2.00 mm 
  • Materials: Brass, paint 
  • Made in Taiwan